Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton

Easter Egg hunt 2021 is canceled

Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton Cancels Annual Easter Egg Hunt

(Binghamton, NY) Children's Charity of Greater Binghamton has announced that the cancellation of it's Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The ongoing guidance regarding large scale events during the pandemic necessitates that the Charity take this action.

"We are saddened to announce the cancellation of this year's Easter Egg Hunt at Recreation Park," said Liz Bucci, Children's Charity President. She continued, "With many guidelines and restrictions still in place we must put the safety of the children and their families first. We look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition next year with our 8th Annual Event."

"This wonderful family event will be greatly missed by our entire community," said Lindsay Meehan, Public Relations Manager at Mirabito. "As a long-time sponsor, we support and understand the decision that was made and look forward to the safe return of the Easter Egg Hunt in the years to come."

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt held at Binghamton's Recreation Park drew as many as 3,000 participants.